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Diabetic Foot Care Can Save Lives

Posted by on Apr 8, 2014 in Diabetic Foot Care | Comments Off on Diabetic Foot Care Can Save Lives

For many people, feet are something that’s beneath their notice, so to speak. Unless the cause of an acute problem, they simply aren’t given much thought. Unfortunately, if you or someone you love has diabetes, you can’t afford to ignore these, the least noticed of our physiology. In fact, neglecting foot care in a diabetic can result in wounds, infections, even amputations and death. The good news, however, is that prevention truly is the best medicine. A few simple precautions, taken regularly, can help to ensure that both you and your feet remain healthy. Check your feet everyday. For the flexibility-challenged among us, this may require using a hand-held mirror. You may even need to draft the help of an assistant. Whatever method you utilize, the important thing is to visualize every square centimeter of both feet, between every...

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Study Finds Diabetic Shoes & Inserts Reduce Amputations

Posted by on Feb 25, 2014 in Diabetic Foot Care, Foot Orthotics | Comments Off on Study Finds Diabetic Shoes & Inserts Reduce Amputations

A new study from Sweden finds that proper interventions such as diabetic shoes, inserts, podiatry, and regular checkups can reduce the number of amputations by more than 50% in patients with diabetes. These are the findings, and some steps people with diabetes can take to protect their feet. According to an article from, researchers at the University of Gothenburg studied more than 114 Swedish patients with diabetes who were considered at risk for developing ulcers. These wounds typically occur when the foot is overloaded, and they may lead to amputation. The study involved three different types of shoes inserts, all of which were found to be effective in reducing pressure and cutting the risk of ulcers by more than 50%. Overall, the lifetime risk of developing a foot ulcer is close to 25% for people with diabetes. It...

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New Promising Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Posted by on Jan 21, 2014 in Diabetic Foot Care | Comments Off on New Promising Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Diabetic foot care is of extreme importance to those managing diabetes. Foot ulcers are a source of sometimes intolerable pain and long-standing medical problems for people living with the disease. If not properly treated, diabetic foot complications can lead to amputation and an obviously drastic change in associated lifestyle. There is, however, hope on the horizon for anyone dealing with such an issue in the form of an emerging alternative therapy. A recent study conducted by the “Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery” cited that Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) therapy may have significant benefits in treating foot ulcers and ultimately reducing the number of associated amputations involved with them. The study simply involved 100 subjects, plenty sufficient, with diabetic foot ulcers and compared HBO therapy with the application of standard therapy. The results of the patients receiving standard therapy were...

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Good Podiatric Care for Elderly Patients

Posted by on Jan 3, 2014 in Diabetic Foot Care, General Foot Care, Geriatric Foot Care | Comments Off on Good Podiatric Care for Elderly Patients

If you think about how many miles we put on our feet in a lifetime it is no wonder foot problems so often emerge as we age. It is helpful for everyone to have basic knowledge of podiatric care for elderly people. Caregivers of older adults need to be mindful of good foot care and make it a priority as part of daily routine. Even seniors who are otherwise able to care for themselves often need some help in this area, just because of the difficulty of seeing and reaching their feet. Some simple care pays huge dividends as good podiatric care helps the elderly remain comfortable and mobile. The basics for caregivers: Caregivers need to be particularly attentive because even slight sensory losses over the years can make people less aware of problems with their own feet. When...

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Less Than 10% of US Hispanics With Diabetes Have Seen A Podiatrist

Posted by on Dec 17, 2013 in Diabetic Foot Care | Comments Off on Less Than 10% of US Hispanics With Diabetes Have Seen A Podiatrist

Nearly 90% of US Hispanics with diabetes or at risk for the condition have not seen a podiatrist, according to a study by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) about diabetic foot care. The findings are disturbing given that Hispanics are at higher risk for diabetes, and would be expected to benefit from the important role that podiatry plays in managing the disease. APMA focused its annual national survey on US Hispanic adults to assess health care, diabetes and foot health issues. Twelve percent of Hispanics suffer from diabetes compared to 8% of the general population, and they face a 66% increased risk of developing diabetes compared to other ethnicities. Expense is the most significant barrier to their seeking proper diabetic foot care given that US Hispanics are also less likely to have medical insurance. Nearly 75% of those...

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