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Podiatry Team’s Best Summertime Advice for Families

Podiatry Team’s Best Summertime Advice for FamiliesBefore long, everyone will likely be running off to the beach or some great, vacation destination. And we know that means there will be a lot of bare feet on display. Although it is fun to bare it all from time to time, it can also create podiatry problems for men, women and children. So we wanted to help families out by sharing our podiatry team’s best summertime tips:

Don’t forget about what may be lurking on or just underground. After all, in the summertime, it is common to encounter more than just a stray pop-top or foot fungus. There are fire ants, ground dwelling bees, splintered wood and other things out there that can hurt a person’s feet too. With that said, try to keep those summer shoes or sandals on no matter how inviting the alternatives.

Do make it a point to examine the feet of every family member in your household at least once a week. Look for signs of problems, both big and small. And while you’re at it take the time to trim up those toenails as well. It will help keep infections, odors and ingrown toenails at bay.

Don’t let the kids convince you that a dip in the swimming pool before bed is enough to clean off those sweaty feet. Make sure that everyone washes their feet with antibacterial soap right before bed and never wears dirty socks in lieu of clean ones. Otherwise, they may just end up with more than stinky, filthy bed sheets.

Do choose everyone’s summer footwear wisely and don’t let them live in one pair of shoes alone. For example, avoid gladiator sandals and shoes that will make their feet sweat. Ask them to wear breathable footwear and switch out pairs every few days or so.

And finally, if you would you like more summertime podiatry advice, please contact us today. Our podiatrists would be more than happy to oblige.