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4 Tips for Coping With Plantar Fasciitis

Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis TreatmentDealing with plantar fasciitis sometimes be a bit of a trial. Fortunately, we have come up with a few clever tips for coping with plantar fasciitis pain.

Stretch Before You Step

There is nothing more painful than those first waking steps. To ease the pain of getting out of bed, stretch your calf before even putting your foot on the floor. This can easily be done with a towel or even your pillowcase. With your leg straight and the towel around your foot, gently stretch. Once you can feel the muscles begin to pull in the lower leg, do not stretch any further. Hold the stretch for half of minute and repeat a few times. This will help to loosen the muscles and make that first step out of bed a less painful experience.

Tennis Anyone?

If you do not have anyone that is willing to sit around and massage the bottom of your foot, a tennis ball is a good alternative. By rolling a tennis ball underneath your foot, it will cause the plantar fascia to loosen. This should be done for only a few minutes at a time. You want to apply enough pressure to the ball that you get the sensation of a deep massage, but not so hard that it is causing pain. The ligament is less likely to get irritated when it is loose.

More Calf Stretches

Keeping the lower leg muscles stretched out is the key to recovery. There are many calf stretches that will help aid you in the process. One such stretch is the downward dog position in yoga. Try to hold the position for a few minutes to allow the stretch to work. If yoga is not for you, try placing your toes on a step and allow the heels to drop below the height of the step. Remember the point is to stretch out the muscles…not to cause yourself more heel pain.

Ice It

At the end of the day, icing your foot maybe just what is needed. Freeze a bottle of water and roll it with your foot. Rolling the frozen bottle of water for ten minutes will be enough to keep the inflammation in check. If the ice is too cold for your foot, consider wearing a sock.

*Remember that these are just tips. Always consult with a Vernal podiatrist before taking this medical matter into your own hands. After all, they ARE the foot & ankle experts!