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Local Podiatrist Visit May Help Solve Stubborn Toenail Fungus Problems

toenail-fungusWith warm weather overtaking many parts of the country, its certain that many people will either be sweating in their shoes or running around barefoot. Unfortunately, those are two things that can lead to episodes of fungal toenails. Your Vernal podiatrist can attest, if there is one thing that causes people to hide their feet from view, its nail fungus.

Fungal toenail infections tend to be classified into four distinct categories. They are proximal subungual onychomycosis, candida onychomycosis, distal subungual onychomycosis and white superficial onychomycosis. Of the four types, the last two tend to occur the most often. The list of differences between those two fungal toenail types starts with their areas of origin.

One infection begins in the nail bed (i.e. distal) and the other attacks the toenail’s surface (i.e. white superficial). If left untreated, both may cause people to experience secondary infections and embarrassment. That is why it’s so crucial for people to seek toenail fungus treatments from a podiatrist at the first signs of fungal toenail.

So which signs should people look for when they examine their feet? It really all depends on which fungus is involved. In some instances, the toenails or surrounding skin will thicken and become discolored. In other situations, the toenails may break apart or fall off. A visit to our Vernal podiatrist’s office will help determine which fungus is responsible for your problem and how it should be treated.

Today’s toenail fungus treatments run the gamut too. In some cases, various prescription medications may be needed. Depending on the circumstances, a person may need to take those medications for two to three months before the problem is solved. On other occasions, the podiatry team may recommend the use of other toenail fungus treatments like topical creams, medicated cleansers, antifungal nail polish, photodynamic therapy, nail removal, or laser treatment.